JGB Medical Group Participated in Arab Health - Dubai 2016


We have successfully participated in Arab Health 2016 held at Dubai International Convension & Exhibition Centre. The organisers of the Arab Health Congress are committed to ensuring that all of the scientific conferences presented as part of the event comprise of valuable and up-to-date topics that are relevant to the medical disciplines being addressed. They also aim to make sure that new advances, research and technologies are also highlighted to better inform and equip those attending.

JGB Medical Group Participated in Saudi Health 2015


We are proud to announce that JGB MEdical Group has been participated in the Saudi Health 2015 held at Riyadah - Qatar on May 2015. The event, held alongside the Saudi Health congresses, is ideal for international medical equipment vendors looking to increase their business in the Saudi Arabian Market.The Saudi Health Exhibition has integrated the knowledge and experience from the events-industry giants to create the largest international healthcare event in KSA and to serve all aspects of this $20 billion multi spectral industry. By exhibiting at or sponsoring Saudi Health 2015, we have gained a positive opportunity to demonstrate the essence and scope of our company, brand and products, and all in a very cost effective manner.